Annual Year 10 Careers Day at The Sele School inspires students

10 March 2017

Year 10 students at The Sele School in Hertford had an opportunity to find out more about the world of work thanks to a 'Careers Carousel' coordinated by YC Hertfordshire.

Local employers were invited along to talk about their industry, the different roles available and what qualifications students might need.

The students formed small groups and spent 15 minutes speaking each of ten different employers including GSK, the Army, Barclays, Sainsbury’s, Sporting Futures, University of Hertfordshire, CK Music Academy, Hertford Regional College and Hertfordshire County Council. They also learned about the LinkedIn professional network and put together their first CV.

Neil Dunn, Head Teacher of The Sele School, said: “The opportunity to have such a diverse range of employers in a single location to speak with the students is incredibly helpful. This can then be followed up with one-to-one guidance to ensure that our students make the right choices.”

Feedback from the employers and the students who took part was also positive. Francis Blurton from University of Hertfordshire said: “Days like today are a wonderful opportunity for students to begin their thought processes concerning university. I have been really impressed with the questions asked by the Year 10 students.”

Naomi, a Year 10 student, said: “Putting together a CV was useful. I spoke to one of the people from Barclays about what they look for in a CV too.”

David Hoskins, Employment & Skills Coordinator at YC Hertfordshire said: “The students find events like these so beneficial. We really appreciate the time as well as the patience that the employers are prepared to give. The students are encouraged to think in more detail about their career aspirations and will now benefit from meeting with an HCC YC Hertfordshire Adviser to discuss their ideas more.”

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