‘Eyes Open’ project off to a good start in South Oxhey

29 April 2016

A new project for young women run by Youth Connexions in South Oxhey has got off to a great start. Called ‘Eyes Open’, the aim of the project is to enable young people to recognise and develop positive healthy relationships – and, as a result, to ensure that they are less vulnerable to exploitation in the future.

Pic For Youthzone Article

Young people with the fake dating profiles they created for discussion

The project started in YouthZone on 11th April and is scheduled to last for eight weeks.  In the first sessions the young people were asked to design a fake dating profile, and then discuss between themselves how other people might view this online.  They then reviewed a variety of different text messages that they might receive and were asked to consider how they would know if they were real, whether it was possible to gauge emotion through such a medium and how to react to different scenarios.  Future sessions will explore in more detail areas such as positive relationships, sex and pornography as well as consent and power, sexual violence and how to seek support.

The group, which is made up of a wide mix of young people, have already started to bond together.  Scarlett, age 14, had only recently moved to the area when she joined the group.  She commented, ‘I’m really glad I came – I have made new friends already and am now going to the Tuesday project too’.  Hannah, age 13, added, ‘Mondays are very, very, very good!’

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