Healthy relationships workshops for Hatfield students

30 June 2017

Relationships, consent and power were the focus of sessions held by YC Hertfordshire at Bishops Hatfield Girls’ School.

The sessions for Year 9 students at the school were delivered as part of YC Hertfordshire’s Healthy Relationships programme which is designed to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

The students took part in discussions on the meaning of consent using a number of different scenarios. They also discussed what is meant by Child Sexual Exploitation.


The Healthy Relationships programme was set up by YC Hertfordshire, part of Hertfordshire County Council, in April 2016 with the aim of raising young people’s awareness of child exploitation and giving them the support they need to make informed, safe choices and to have appropriate, healthy and safe relationships.

Young people take part in a number of group work discussions in order to help them explore relationships and establish what tools and support are available for young people locally.

So far, 567 young people across the county have completed the programme.

It was set up in response to the growing issue of Child Sexual Exploitation which affects thousands of children and young people under 18 in England every year. CSE has a devastating impact on children, young people and their families and it should be a concern for everyone. It is largely a hidden crime, and raising awareness of this type of abuse is essential to preventing it and stopping it early when it does happen.

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