Hertsmere young people try adventurous activities at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead

19 April 2016

A group of 13 young people who attend the Youth Connexions Elm Court Youth Project in Potters Bar visited the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead to try some adventurous activities during their Easter holidays.

The young people spent a day at snow centre during their Easter holidays and took part in two activites: snowboarding in the morning followed by sledging in the afternoon. It was a great opportunity for them to learn new skills and challenge themselves doing new activities.

During their snowboarding lesson they were taught some basic manoeuvres and once confident they were able to have a go at snowboarding down the slope. This was very exciting as the boards travel at some speed. It was also quite comical as all of the participants ended up on their backs in the snow at some point!

Snowboarding 1    Snowboarding 2

The sledging session involved slightly less skill but was equally fun. The group were all provided with a sledge and, after being given some instructions on how best to guide it, they competed in various challenges and races which also involved rubber rings.

Sledging1  Sledging2

Charlie Bates, 13, of Potters Bar said, “Today has been immense! I’ve never done anything like this before in my life.”

Ellis Weintrob, Senior Youth Worker, Hertsmere said, “It’s great to be able to reward these young people for taking part in our programme and they thoroughly made the most of it!”

The young people had previously tried rock climbing on a mobile climbing wall at the Elm Court Youth Project and there are plans for the group to go to the Herts Young Mariners Base to try out some water sports once the water warms up a bit.

Want to get involved? Find out more about Elm Court Youth project by following this link.

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