“It made me believe in me” said a student who took part in a careers workshop.

05 May 2016

Youth Connexions recently delivered careers workshops to Year 8 students at Edwinstree Middle School, Buntingford. Students learned about the importance of knowing, promoting and developing their own skills and qualities.

Edwinstree School  Mma Edwinstree 2674

Youth Connexions advisers began the day by explaining how they support young people in Hertfordshire, through both youth work and their information, advice and guidance.  Opportunities include developing their personal and social skills, getting involved in volunteering, gaining invaluable experience of the work environment and identifying the route into the careers of their choice.

Students took part in sessions to explore their ‘skills and qualities’, discussing the difference between the two abilities and how these can be used when they come to promote themselves to a potential employer and at interview.

The day stimulated students to identify their own qualities and grow in confidence; one student said “(I enjoyed) seeing what qualities I have because it made me believe in myself tons more …(I learned) that to get a job you need to do a lot of research.” Another added “It helped me think more about my future and what I might want to be… (I learned) that there are lots of career options and to do extra activities outside of school that can help me.”

Students were surprised at the vast number of jobs in different employment sectors and started to research particular job profiles in more detail. They requested further sessions to help them explore future careers in Science, Computing, the Armed Forces, Design, Leisure, Performing Arts, Engineering and Marketing.

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