Members of North Herts Youth Council held conference to raise awareness of mental health issues

01 February 2016

Students from local schools, colleges and young people from the North Herts Youth Connexions 'Free2Be' LGBT+ project attended a conference called ‘Overload 2015’ in early December.

The event took place at North Herts District Council Chambers and was organised by the North Herts Youth Council. The aim was to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

Young people wrote and delivered accomplished speeches for the occasion. Rosie talked confidently about several topics including healthy relationships and Mindfulness techniques for coping with stress. Toby and Max complemented this with some alarming statistics, including that 850,000 young people aged 5-16 years old have a mental health issue, and 1 in 12 young people have self-harmed.

 North Herts Youth Council Overload Conference Crop

Shown left to right:Toby, Max, Councillor Shakespeare-Smith and Rosie

Councillor Ray Shakespeare-Smith also gave a fascinating and humorous speech. He was open and endearing, answering questions posed by the young people in a very engaging way.

Among the young people participating were students from Hitchin Boys’ School, North Herts College, Fearnhill School, Brandles School and St Christopher School.

Some of the young people who organised the event will achieve an AQA accreditation in ‘community event and planning a conference’. They are now planning a survey for North Herts to find out what young people think is missing in their area.

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