Morgans Primary School students prepare to land at secondary school

06 July 2017

Year 6 students at Morgans Primary School in Hertford took part in sessions designed to prepare them for secondary school.

The Rocket into the Future workshops were held by YC Hertfordshire, part of Hertfordshire County Council, and addressed many of the questions students had about the move to secondary school in September.

Year 6 Teacher Helen Jackson said: “We had YC Hertfordshire in last year to deliver the Total Eclipse session on transition to our Year 6 students. It was really valued by the staff and students alike so we were very keen to have the same to support the current Year 6.”

Teaching Assistant Erica Lundy said: “YC Hertfordshire’s Rocket into the Future is a good idea for children moving on, especially the ones with worries. The session flowed from one activity to the next and the staff encouraged all the students to contribute with confidence.”

The sessions were led by Justine Herridge and Lisa Morris from YC Hertfordshire. Lisa commented: “The students were really engaged and asked intelligent questions which demonstrated that they had thought about the move to secondary school”.

Justine said: “I really enjoyed working with the Morgans students. They produced some fantastic work in the half-day session. The feedback from students and staff was really positive with almost all saying they felt more confident about starting at secondary school.”

Feedback from the students was also positive, one said: “I learnt that I shouldn’t be nervous about secondary school and that there is always someone to talk to.”

If you are interested in booking some Rocket into the Future sessions, please contact us at or call 01438 843610 to arrange to meet, discuss your requirements and organise delivery.