National Youth Work Week 2017

09 November 2017

National Youth Work Week highlights the impact that youth work has on improving the lives of young people and over the last year YC Hertfordshire has welcomed almost 15,500 into its projects and programmes.

Working as part of Hertfordshire County Council, youth workers help to equip young people with the life skills needed on their journey into adulthood.

On average, 227 different youth work sessions take place each week across the county and include social action projects, volunteering opportunities, youth councils and forums, street-based youth work, school holiday programmes and outdoor educational activities.

All are designed to equip young people with the knowledge and skills to cope with issues such as emotional health and well-being, alcohol and drug awareness, personal safety, sexual health and relationships and independent living skills.

Outcome star data indicates that 93% of young people who attend YC Hertfordshire projects and programmes have shown an improvement in at least one area of personal and social development and 77% showed a positive change in two areas. The data indicates that:


  • 59% had made a difference as a result of taking part in YC youth work provision.
  • 55% had better communication skills.
  • Wellbeing and self-esteem had improved for 52% of the young people.
  • Aspirations had been raised for 44% of the young people.
  • 40% of young people were better at making sensible choices with regard to taking risks.

YC Hertfordshire runs specific projects for young people with learning disabilities, young parents and parents-to-be, young carers, young people from Black and Minority Ethnic groups, asylum seekers, young people in care and care leavers, young travellers and young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ).

YC Hertfordshire also supports young people to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and become valuable contributors to their community, initiating and organising community action projects and taking part in youth councils.

As part of National Youth Week YC Hertfordshire held is fourth annual Young People’s Awards at County Hall in Hertford last night. The event showcase the work and progress made by young people across Hertfordshire with the support of YC Hertfordshire.

Feedback from young people at the award highlights the impact that youth work can have on young people’s outcomes:


“YC Hertfordshire has helped and benefitted me in many such as confidence and team working skills. I have learnt many life skills which I will never forget”  Young person aged 15.

“Dropped out of sixth form - went on to do more than I ever thought I could do with the help of YC Hertfordshire.” Young person aged 18.

“YC Hertfordshire has helped me gain confidence and achieve things that I never thought I would.” Young person aged 16.

“I feel like YC Hertfordshire has made me a better person. My confidence and self-motivation have improved greatly. Thank you.” Young person aged 16.

For more information about YC Hertfordshire youth projects visit and join the conversation on Twitter at #YWW17