New youth project in Welwyn Garden City is creating youth stars!

18 May 2016

Youth Connexions is working in partnership with the YMCA to develop a newly opened project at the Peartree Youth Club in Welwyn Garden City.

The project runs on Friday evenings and has grown to over 30 regular attendees in a very short time, with many of the young people working towards youth star awards.

Peartree 2 Peartree 3

A warm welcome awaits young people at the Peartree facility

The Peartree project helps young people to gain life skills, including a better understanding of sexual health. For example, recent sessions were based on a quiz to see how much the young people knew about correct use of condoms, STIs, and the ‘C-Card’ free condom scheme.  These sessions were delivered to separate groups of males and females; some of the young people found discussion difficult to join, but were encouraged by those who already knew more about the subject. Thirteen young men registered for the C-Card as a result of the sessions.

The young people heard from a speaker from ‘Hertsaid’, the charity that strives for an inclusive society where HIV and sexual health are understood and accepted. Future sessions are planned on drugs and alcohol awareness, to be delivered by Youth Connexions staff.

One of the participants, George, said “I love coming to the centre”  Dean and Melissa, other attendees, added that “The project brings young people together.”

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