Sir John Lawes students set to become Young Health Champions

20 February 2019

A group of 14 Year 12 students at Sir John Lawes School in Harpenden are completing training to become Young Health Champions by taking the Royal Society of Public Heath (RSPH) Young Health Champions Course, delivered by YC Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council’s youth service.

The group is being trained to deliver peer messages to promote health improvement and developing healthy habits, developing presentations on subjects including drugs and alcohol, body image and healthy habits.

The young trainees have delivered the presentations during school assemblies and have had positive feedback from both staff and students. Key messages included those about body image, motivation and how to stay healthy.

As an extra requirement for the course they delivered the assemblies to a partnership school and visited Samuel Ryder Academy to promote their peer messages. The Young Health Champions received positive feedback from the Samuel Ryder students.

One said: “I took away that, even though some friends may be doing drugs/alcohol, you shouldn’t be pressured into doing them”.

Another student commented: “I feel more informed. They explained what they were talking about in detail.”

More information about the YC Hertfordshire Young Health Champions Programme.