Young people in South Oxhey gain qualifications in First Aid and Basic Sign Language

24 December 2015

Twenty young people from South Oxhey are proud to have completed a six-week course in Emergency First Aid and Basic Sign Language with Youth Connexions at the recently refurbished YouthZone.

The course was the idea of the young people themselves who, with the help of their youth workers, secured £250 of funding from County Councillor Joan King towards the cost of a trainer to run the course.

Over the six weeks, the young people were shown how to deal with cuts and burns, what to do in the event of a suspected stroke or heart attack, and how to administer CPR. They also learnt how to use a defibrillator and practised bandaging each other and putting a patient in the recovery position.  The course also included education in alcohol awareness – as part of this the young people completed a ‘drunk goggles’ assault course, which simulated the effect of having too much alcohol in their systems and then showed them how their reactions were impaired.

For the last two weeks of the course, the young people were taught the basics of sign language. They learnt how to sign their names, to say where they live and how they travel to school/work, to sign their birthdays and to name their favourite foods and hobbies. 

“It was a real challenge, but was really fun”, commented one young person and another said, “I got to meet new people and learn skills I will never forget.  It was a good opportunity which has never been offered [to me] before”.

 South Oxhey YP With Their First Aid Certificates Sized
The young people with their certificates

The young people are proud to have achieved an AQA Certificate in Emergency First Aid at Work, as well as a certificate in Basic Sign Language – both of which are a testament to their hard work and dedication.

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