Students encouraged to become “the best they can be”

26 April 2016

Youth Connexions co-organised an inspirational talk in late April at the Sele School, Hertford, for students in Years 9 to 13.

Sele School Careers Event April 2016 Crop2

The speaker was David Dein, a major figure in the world of football with a long history of achievements. David is a football entrepreneur and businessman who joined the Arsenal board in 1983 and became Vice-Chair in the same year. He also rose to Vice-Chair of the Football Association, served on numerous international committees and was President of the Arsenal Ladies Team. David was one of the main architects in the creation of the Premier League in 1992 and contributed to the introduction of goal line technology.

Steve Millar, Careers Coordinator at The Sele School said “David gave a fascinating and entertaining talk which the students all enjoyed. He encouraged the students to take pride in whatever they do, to be the best that they can be and to take a chance. He said that a tortoise doesn’t get anywhere without first sticking its neck out and he said that it is the same in life too.”

David Hoskins, Employment & Skills Coordinator at Youth Connexions commented “The students were really engaged and asked pertinent and relevant questions to someone who has held a key position in sport. The talk centred on football but all the students, took something away from the session.”

Will, a student at the school, said “It was great to be able to hear about David’s career and to ask questions and find out more about the football business at the top level.” Fellow student Olivia said “I learned a lot about how the Premier League has become so successful and it was good to hear that the women’s game is growing so quickly too. David talked about the diversity of jobs other than just players which a lot of us hadn’t considered.”

David Dein’s attendance was organised through Speakers for Schools, a UK charity that provides state secondary schools and colleges with inspiring talks from a range of industry leading professionals, public figures and academics, free of charge.

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