Students explore widely as the Rocket lands in Ralph Sadleir Middle School

05 July 2016

The YC Hertfordshire ‘Rocket into the Future’ programme suite encourages students to think about their skills and future aspirations. Ralph Sadleir Middle School in Puckeridge chose the Landing and Exploration module for a two day session.

Rocket July 2016 1 Web

Rocket into the Future supports schools in ensuring their students are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. The Landing and Exploration module focuses on raising awareness of subjects and careers.  It involved a variety of activities, including team working, discussions and creative exercises.  The year 6 students looked at how their academic subjects relate to the world of work and what subjects might be important for certain jobs and careers for now and the future.

Here are some of the participants’ comments:

“I have learnt that you really have to work hard for jobs.”

“I have learnt that Maths, English and Science are very important for most jobs.”

“I have learnt that you have to take school seriously.”

“I have learnt that jobs like IT are becoming larger choices.”

“I enjoyed today because the activities were fun and understandable.”

“I loved the drawing sessions because drawing is awesome!  I also loved having my say.”

The year 6 teacher commented “Students worked well together and discussed important issues concerning the world of careers and what they will need to equip them for the work place.  Good thought provoking activities.”


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