Students inspired by new opportunities during careers carousel

01 July 2016

Youth Connexions recently coordinated a one day careers event for Key Stage 5 students at Presdales School in Ware. Students participated in an energetic careers carousel where they had the chance to meet local, national and global employers and seek advice and information.

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The carousel format gives small groups of students a snappy eight minutes with an employer; they learn more about the sector and can ask questions.

There was a wide variety of organisations present, and sectors represented included local government, health, pharmaceuticals, armed forces, engineering, law, finance and sport.

Nicola Stow, Careers Coordinator at Presdales School said “The students were really engaged with the employers and the employers were really engaged with the students. The students have learnt about careers that they might otherwise not have thought of. It was a real success. We are already looking forward to next year’s event.”

Wendy Gordon, Employment and Skills Coordinator at Youth Connexions added “It’s nice to see so many employers willing to share their expertise with the young people. It’s great that the school have used so many parental and alumni links to draw in a variety of local, national and international employers. The idea of the activity is to get the students to think of careers that they may not have thought of before and then to spur them on to research these ideas further.”

Participating in the event Justine Gerhardt, Senior Visual Merchandiser from Burberry said “It’s really beneficial for the young people to learn what visual merchandising is as very few had heard of it before. It can be hard for creative young people to know what to do as a career and visual merchandising represents a solid career pathway for them. I was impressed with the students and some of their questions really demonstrated that they had gained an insight into the sector.”

Warrant Officer Rob McIntyre from the Royal Marines said “The armed forces offer so many different opportunities. The students had a very positive attitude about the military and several said that they would investigate it further as an option for their future.”

Rosie, a student at Presdales said “I liked seeing how a number of different careers cross over with others. There are so many different careers out there and you don’t have to be set on just one thing.”

Mary, another student said “The event was really useful to learn about the range of careers there are. I have ideas for my future but I was able to learn about others. I took away from it that if you have a degree in one subject it doesn’t mean that you have to have a career that relates to it.”


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