Watford Youth Council spreads Wellbeing with a Smile!

17 March 2017

Young people who take part in the Watford Youth Council were pleased to display their finished art project – a canvas smile filled with positive quotes – as part of Feeling Good Week 2017.

The canvas project, which was made up of quotations, was initiated by members of Watford Youth Council and included contributions from over 100 young people from across other youth projects in Watford. Designed to take place during ‘Feeling Good Week’ in February, the aim of the canvas is to encourage others to think about what makes them feel good and to encourage positive wellbeing among young people. 

Participants were asked to think about what makes them feel good and what they found positive about themselves. Once written down, these quotations were then pieced together to form the smile - requiring no small degree of problem solving skills from the canvas design team!  The canvas is on display at YouthPoint in Watford and has also been circulated on Twitter – including the #wellbeing and #equality tags.

Members of Watford Youth Council used the opportunity of this project to revisit their mental health / emotional wellbeing project from last year – and also decided together that they would keep the quotations up-to-date and paint the canvas again with new ideas on them as time goes on.

Pin Wen, aged 17, said: “I was pleased other young people from other YouthPoint projects got involved’, and Anfernee (also age 17) added: “It’s colourful and our project achieved its aim of promoting positive wellbeing.”

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