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08 December 2015

Survey for young people - where do you get your information from?


Youth Connexions wants to make it easier for young people to get information and advice about their sexual health. If you are aged 13-19 and live in Hertfordshire please complete this survey to help us to get it right.


Click here to take the survey

Not sure?

  • The survey is completely confidential  - you do not need to give your name or any personal details if you do not want to. 
  • There are only six questions so it won’t take long!
  • Completing the survey gives you the chance, if you want to, to get involved with how information about sexual health services is developed in the future - you could become a Youth Health Champion.
  • The survey is not about your own sexual health but where you currently find information and where you think it should be available.


By sexual health we mean keeping yourself safe from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy. Youth Connexions provides sexual health services, advice and guidance around sex and relationships to young people.  .

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