YC Hertfordshire Access Points

05 July 2018

One of the ways young people can access YC Hertfordshire is through its Access Points (previously called One Stop Shops).

Access Points are designed to be easily accessible to young people, supporting the wider work of YC Hertfordshire, including its provision of a range of projects and programmes designed to equip young people with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate their journey through adolescence and into adulthood.

The following services are available at Access Points:

  • Sexual health, including - free Condoms through the Condom Wallet Scheme - free Chlamydia Testing - free Pregnancy Testing
  • Advice on general health and relationships
  • Education and exams including exam pressure
  • Drugs, substance misuse and alcohol
  • Jobs and careers
  • Youth work projects and programmes
  • Benefits and finance
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Improving resilience, self-esteem and confidence
  • Relationships including Family and Friendships
  • Training and apprenticeships
  • Independent living skills

For more information call 0300 123 7538.