YC Hertfordshire helps Dacorum young people experience the world of work

04 November 2019

Young people from Dacorum completed the Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) Project with YC Hertfordshire this autumn.

The NEET project is a three-week intensive project where the young people spend two weeks with YC Hertfordshire Employment and Training Advisors and then had the opportunity to complete a one-week work experience placement.

During the first two weeks the young people focused on increasing their employability skills. They looked at the local labour market and jobs of the future, use of social media in a professional context, personal branding and using social media to your advantage, interview skills also preparing for work experience.

The young people also worked one to one with YC Hertfordshire staff to update and enhance their CVs. Other vital skills that the young people developed were their team building skills which incorporated skills needed during group interviews.  Transferable skills between different career paths were discussed.  The young people were really engaged in all the activities and were keen to share and discuss their new skills with the others in the group.

The second part of the programme was a week’s work experience. The young people individually worked with YC Hertfordshire staff during the first week to explore different career options which they were interested in.  The YC Hertfordshire staff then took this information and arranged work experience according to the individual’s needs and interests.  Two of the young people completed placements in the retail sector, another in a pet grooming placement, one in a childcare placement and one in a library.

Following the work experience the young people all came back together and discussed their placements as well as celebrating their successes. One young person has since been offered a permanent role at their work experience placement.  YC Hertfordshire staff will continue to work with the others on a one to one basis to further enhance their skills as well as exploring opportunities available to them in their desired career path.

Daniel (19) said: “The project was good, and I would recommend it to people in similar situations as me”.