YC Hertfordshire’s Careers Event Supports Cheshunt Young People to Plan Their Future Career Paths

25 February 2019

More than 230 Year 10 students at Goffs Academy in Cheshunt had the opportunity to meet with 30 national and local companies from a diverse range of industry sectors as part of a careers event organised by YC Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council’s youth service.

Young people were able to gain a unique insight into the contrasting careers and experiences of the professionals they met, including solicitors, plumbers, hospitality managers, logistics specialists, hair and beauty therapists, engineers, bankers and the Royal Marines.


Students also had the opportunity to speak with advisers from YC Hertfordshire about their future options after Year 11. Brad Hunt, a YC Hertfordshire employment and training adviser said:

“This event provides an excellent opportunity to open young people’s minds to the world of work and speak directly with professionals who can provide them with advice on how they can achieve their career aspirations.”

Feedback from the young people included:

“It was really interesting to hear about each person’s job and what they thought were the good and bad bits.”

“I don’t have a clear idea of what I want to do but I found speaking with the engineers really interesting so I am going to have a look at that. Today’s been really useful.”

“I now know more about my choices and what is out there after speaking with these employers.”

“I was given some useful advice on what I need to do to reach my goals. I’m interested in criminal psychology so it was interesting speaking with the policemen.”

“This event has really made me think about what I need to do now in order to plan for what I want to do after leaving school.”

Mock interviews

As part of the day students undertook individual mock interviews, a new experience for the majority of them, they reported that it was a useful prepare them entering the world of work:

“I was nervous about the mock interview. It went well though and was good practice! It’s really helped me prepare for life after school.”

Mark Ellis, Vice Principal at Goffs Academy said:

“It was a real pleasure to see our students so engaged in talking to the wide variety of employers. Many students were enthused and inspired to look into different careers which they may have never even heard of before. Although some were nervous, students also took a great deal from the mock interview process; one student immediately finding her teacher to tell her 'I think I got the job!''

James Garrett, co-founder of HNE Media, a company that has gone on to permanently employ two young people who undertook a year 10 work experience placement through YC Hertfordshire, said:

“It’s brilliant coming to these events with young people and giving them some positive insight into what I do. Many are very surprised at the range of media services we offer at HNE Media but these situations really kick-start interesting conversations about the skills a young person can gain in different jobs that mean they can transfer these skills and have a flexible career moving between different sectors, and so establish a ‘portfolio’ career.”

Senior Engineer at Network Rail, Andrew Cornish also commented,

“This was my first careers event so I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but the students were really engaged and it was nice to be able to challenge some of their assumptions. For example, it was good to point out to them that there are cross-overs in skills and careers. For instance, those interested in media hadn’t necessarily considered that an engineering company, or an infrastructure company like Network Rail, also employ media specialists.”

The next step for these Year 10 students will be a work experience placement, arranged by YC Hertfordshire giving them their first hands-on experience of the working world.

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