YC Hertfordshire’s Employment Excellence (Travellers) Programme

29 January 2019

YC Hertfordshire has successfully secured government funding from the Careers and Enterprise Company to work with a cohort of young people from the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller (GRT) community in Hertfordshire. The 20 month contract is commencing in February 2019.

YC Hertfordshire’s Employment Excellence (Travellers) Programme is designed around young Travellers’ aspirations and the cultural and practical barriers they face.

Focused on Years 8, 9, 10 and 11, the programme will provide young people with professional IAG, work experience placement with 1:1 mentoring and further support and is expected to last between 6 and 12 months. Work with Traveller families (alongside the Access to Education Team for Travellers and Refugees) is an essential component to identify and refer the cohort, to overcome any concerns and to enable them to support the young person’s career pathway. A further essential component is close collaboration with all specialist services supporting the Traveller community; this improves career professionals’ cultural competence and gives access to this hard to engage community.


Councillor Teresa Heritage said: “We are looking forward to this innovative and forward thinking collaboration between YC Hertfordshire and the Access to Education Team.


“Young Travellers are sometimes unable to have the benefits of quality careers guidance and work experience due to sporadic school attendance and as a cohort have been known to experience particularly high drop-out rate beyond Year 8.


“Young Travellers too often respond poorly to certain aspects of classroom style learning, so this programme attempts to replace some of these with an opportunity to develop skills for the workplace, communication skills and awareness of employer expectations.  The programme will be intensive and tailored to help some of the hardest to reach young people from the Traveller community in Hertfordshire.”


The programme is looking to work with 70 young people during the course of the contract.