YC Hertfordshire supports ‘Just Talk’ mental health campaign

24 January 2018

YC Hertfordshire is supporting the ‘Just Talk’ campaign which has been launched to encourage young people to talk about mental health.

The campaign follows recent research carried out by Hertfordshire County Council which found that one in ten children aged 5 to 16 have a significant mental health problem and 21 per cent of boys in Hertfordshire are unable to identify healthy coping strategies when things are worrying them.

It is also being supported by organisations including Time to Change, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Watford Football Club.

Through our work with young people, we will be spreading the campaign’s key messages, that talking to people you trust and seeking out help and support as early as possible is key to ensuring you have good mental health.

We will also be working with young people to talk about how we can all develop strategies for maintaining good mental health.

Schools in Hertfordshire will be holding special assemblies aiming to normalise conversations about mental health. They will also be running Just Talk lessons and inviting guest speakers in to share the Just Talk message.

To find out more about how YC Hertfordshire promotes mental health in young people, please visit www.ychertfordshire.org