Young people in Stevenage learn new skills whilst completing their DofE Bronze Award

26 January 2016

Youth Connexions (YCH) is offering the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) at Bowes Lyon Centre.

Young people who signed up for the bronze DofE Award in November have been busy deciding what they need to do in order to achieve the skills and physical sections of the Award. 

The YCH youth work team welcomed the group back after the Christmas break, starting the New Year with a three month programme which will result in the young people completing their skills section. Based on the group’s choices, they will be learning the following skills: archery, cooking including food hygiene and safety in the kitchen and music production.   For those doing archery, weather will not be a problem as it will be carried out indoors. 

Stevenage Dofe 1 Smaller  Stevenage Dofe 2 Smaller

The first basic cooking challenge saw the group getting to grips with quick, simple and healthy meals.  At the end of the sessions the young people were proficient at amongst other things, making an omelette. 

Stevenage Dofe 3 Crop 

During the three months ahead, the young people will research and experiment with new recipes, producing a range of balanced and tasty meals - developing skills which they will need when they leave home.  They will be researching foods from around the world, looking into where food comes from, what the carbon footprints are and how much sugar the nation is consuming. Health and safety and first aid sessions are also planned.

One of the group, Meghan, said “‘I really enjoy cooking.  By cooking for my skills section, I will learn new skills and cook with friends.”

The DofE Award is a personal development programme which is tailored to the young person’s interests and capabilities.  Each young person sets their own goals and records their progress against these.  It requires commitment over time which is reflected in the three levels: bronze, silver and gold.    Many employers and learning establishments recognise this award as evidence of a young person’s ability to develop new skills, work as part of a team, dedication commitment and perseverance.

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