Young people in Welwyn Hatfield enjoy a week of activities focused on emotional well-being

15 March 2019

Young people in Welwyn Hatfield took part in a week of activities to promote emotional well-being, with YC Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council’s youth service, as part of the annual Feeling Good Week.

Based at Hatfield Young People’s Centre, young people who attend the projects were supported by a Youth Worker to write and submit a bid for funding for the week. The activities included a healthy food session, art workshop and activities focusing on mindfulness.


Having recently lost a friend to suicide, the young people involved felt “Feeling Good Week” would be an opportunity to celebrate  life, recognise the impact they had on others, and spread the word on how important it is to talk and share problems if you are struggling.

Tyana, who attends a YC Hertfordshire project, said: “We’d like a remembrance week for our friend to make us feel like we have done something for our friend who is not here now.”

Athelia said: “A week like this raises the awareness of mental health and encourages others to open up.”

The activities helped the young people learn about the importance of healthy eating and helped them develop skills for relaxation and stress-busting. The events also provided an opportunity for them to take time to remember and celebrate the life of their friend and many enjoyed participating in an open mic programme where the young people performed on stage in front of their peers, singing and or playing instruments.

Performing in front of peers helped to boost confidence. Alex said: “I get stage fright but being challenged to get up and sing helped me feel better about myself and I overcame my nerves.” 

Around 60 young people took part in the YC Hertfordshire Feeling Good Week activities in Welwyn Hatfield and feedback has been positive:

“I live in a house with ten other people so it’s great to have the space here for myself. The events this week have been good fun and helped relieve stress.”

“I have made loads of great friends coming to the YC Hertfordshire projects and it’s good to be able to spend time with them during half term doing feel good activities where we can support each other and share our experiences of overcoming problems with mental health.”


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