Young people invited to 'make your mark'

14 October 2015

The Hertfordshire UK Youth Parliament is looking for 11-17 year olds to stand for election as Members of UK Youth Parliament

Annual Sitting UKYP Aug 2015 For Web (1)

Members of this year's UKYP team have been making their mark - for example when they attended a sitting at the Houses of Parliament earlier this year

Who can take part?

You need to be aged between 11 and 17 (under 18 as at 28 Feb 2017) live, work or go to school in Hertfordshire, be interested in making positive change for young people and want to represent your peers in Herts at a local, regional and national level.

The first step: come along to the hustings event on Thursday 22nd October

5pm – 9pm
Law Court Building at the University of Herts, de Havilland Campus

Full details here.

What does being a  Member of Youth Parliament mean?

  •   Making contacts throughout the county to further the voice of
       young people
  •   Membership of local youth council/forum
  •   Leading on the work on Herts1125 and carry out countywide
  •   Attending local, regional and national events representing Herts’
       young people
  •   Meeting with decision makers within Hertfordshire

and developing skills in

  • Working as part of a team
  • Leading the Herts1125 meetings and the Annual Conference
  • Designing and developing surveys
  • Evaluating evidence received
  • Writing the annual Hertfordshire Young People’s Manifest
  • Presenting and communicating to different audiences

What will happen on October 22nd?

  • Pop in at any time … but before 8.30pm to give you time to prep, and follow the signs.
  • No need to stay for the whole time, unless you want to of course - 30mins, maybe an hour, should be enough
  • Wear whatever you feel comfy in although no logos please
  • Be prepared to fill in a form; just the one!
  • We also need an image consent signed by a parent/carer. This can be done at the time if they are available or later by post
  • Current MYPs will be present - speak to them & ask questions to find out more
  • Bring along some ‘blurb’ – short bullet points about who you are, what you will bring to the group and what issues interest you. Six maximum please

and …

Prepare a one Minute video 'speech' - about you:

  • Why you want to be elected?
  • What you will bring to the group?
  • How you will represent young people?
  • What you want to achieve? etc, etc
  • Starting sentence ' My name is ……. (first name only please) , I am …. years old and from ……. school/college
  • Use the Job Description for guidance

To read or download a leaflet about the elections , including several events during October and November click here.

Any questions?

email jasmin.payne