Young people recognise the impact of Youth Connexions youth work

20 May 2016

Over 1,200 young people who attend Youth Connexions youth projects were asked to assess their impact, and the outcomes they achieved from attending. This is what they said…

  • 97% were more confident and felt good about themselves, and were not afraid to be individuals.
  • 97% stated that the youth work projects had enabled them to take part in things that help others and make a difference.
  • 97% felt more positive about the future, and said that they were more determined to succeed.
  • 97% had learnt a lot from attending Youth Connexions youth work projects.
  • 96% had improved their ability to express themselves, listen to others, and cope with conflict.
  • They found Youth Connexions youth work projects to be a safe environment in which to express themselves, with 97% saying that they felt safe from discrimination, judgement and stereotyping.   
  • 95% were able to make more sensible decisions as a result of attending youth work projects, and 97% had a better idea of where to go to for information in order to make informed decisions.
  • 94% agreed that, as a result of attending the youth work project, they had thought about what they want to do with regards to education, training or employment.

Young people recognised the professionalism and dedication of the Youth Connexions youth workers, with 99% agreeing that they felt supported.  Young people agreed that workers were welcoming and helpful, and genuinely interested in what happens to them.

Youth Connexions YW Feedback Poster 2016 Smaller

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