Young people set the agenda on ‘TAKEOVER DAY’

22 January 2016

Youth Connexions Hertfordshire is pleased to announce a film documenting how young people from across the county took part in the national Takeover Day. This formed part of a national challenge set by the Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield.

Screen Grab

Takeover is a hugely successful engagement project which sees organisations across England opening their doors to young people to take over adult roles. It puts young people into decision-making positions and encourages organisations and businesses to hear their views. Children gain an insight into the adult world and organisations benefit from a fresh perspective about their work.

28 young Hertfordshire people took part including young carers, children in care, members of Herts1125 and young people with additional needs. They attended events in Farnham House, County Hall and at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage where they participated in two major conferences, meetings with Hertfordshire County Council Directors, and shadowed senior officers and County Councillors.

Mental health was the focus of the day and young people had the opportunity to challenge and discuss the future of children and young people’s mental health with County Richard Roberts, Councillor Executive Member for Children’s Services.

Here’s what some of the young people said about the event:

“I found talking to the (member of) staff I was partnered with was very interesting as he had a lot of information about what goes on in the County Hall and his day to day life. I also liked getting to voice my opinions in the afternoon session about Herts Young Homeless going out to tender. This was because I felt they valued my opinions highly.”

“I think that in some cases we were not able to shadow them very well as they were too interested in hearing our opinions.”

“My highlights from today: the conference where I was lucky enough to sit with Jenny Coles, who I believe was very happy with my input and enthusiasm for young people throughout Hertfordshire. It was a great experience to join with the Foster Department and sitting in their meeting where they discussed how to promote Specialist Foster Carers throughout Hertfordshire, and at the end of the day I felt proud to welcome everybody to the HSCB conference and inform people that today was TAKEOVER DAY!”

Watch the film here:



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