Young people set to celebrate ‘Feeling Good’ across the county

03 February 2016

February 8-12 is national ‘Feeling Good Week’ and aims to improve the health and mental health of young people. Youth Connexions Hertfordshire has been getting set to celebrate the occasion with a range of projects varying from community projects to yoga.

Large Group Of Yp

Hertfordshire County Council has boosted the activities with a £10,000 funding pot that has allowed groups from across the county to apply for a grant.  A group of young people reviewed the applications, which were submitted through Healthwatch Hertfordshire, and judged which should be funded.

Youth Health Ambassador Frankie from Welwyn Garden City, said: “Looking through the applications was great because there were so many different ideas. Lots of the bids were for projects that won’t just last for Feeling Good Week, but will carry on for the rest of the year. Many were aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and the fact that anyone can suffer from a mental health problem and it’s OK to ask for help.”

The successful bids for a grant included the following projects:

  •        Friday Youth Project at Harebreaks Community Hub

The Harebreaks project in Watford received £500, where the use of the grant includes a television to do work around Internet safety

  •        Watford Youth Council

Young people in this project will be looking at mental health and understanding the importance of their own mental health. They are also looking to spend some of the money on yoga classes.

  •         Youth Health Champions St Albans

A full day football tournament open to all young people aged 11-18 during half term.

  •      Hudnall Park Outdoor Centre

Hudnall Park will be delivering 2 day visits supported by the Feeling Good funding. Both of these day visits will provide funded places for young people with learning disabilities, to participate in outdoor activities that will help facilitate social and team skills and boost fitness and confidence.  

  • St Albans Youth Council

The members of this project wanted to provide an example of community action that may inspire others, and will run a market stall explaining the benefits of taking ten minutes to relax, listening to soulful music and the now well documented benefits of keeping a gratitude diary for improving mental health.  They will have a variety of literature on the stall to signpost people to services that may be useful to them.

These are just some of the successful bids, and activities for Feeling Good Week stretch right across the county. Young people in Three Rivers are working on a short ‘Feeling Good ’ film that will showcase a selection of images and words to provoke the audience to think about their emotions.

Young people can find information about projects in their area here and on mogolistings.