Work experience and engaging employers in education

These roles include Employment and Skills Coordinators (ESCO), Employment and Training Advisers (ETA) and Suppoted Employment Advisers.

Preparing young people for work by finding work experience and engaging employers in education

Employment and Skills Coordinators

  • Provide work experience and work related learning activities to schools, colleges and training providers
  • Canvass businesses for placements, vacancies, apprenticeships and traineeships and increase our knowledge of the local labour market
  • Engage with employers to deliver WRL activity including roadshows, talks, industry placements and CPD opportunities for staff in schools and YCH
  • Undertake placement checks at employers to ensure young people are safe when undertaking their work experience by carrying out Health & Safety checks

Employment and Training Adviser

  • Canvass employers to generate local opportunities including vacancies, apprenticeships, traineeships, work experience and wider work related learning  and advocate on clients’ behalf
  • Advise on the local labour market
  • Support clients in finding appropriate employment, work experience or training
  • Help clients to make applications including compile CVs, speculative letters and complete application forms including online
  • Develop job broking initiatives and events to support local clients
  • Carry out Health & Safety checks at employers premises to ensure young people are safe when undertaking their work experience

Supported Employment Advisers

  • Provide employment and job brokering support to young people with learning difficulties and/or learning disabilities including complex additional needs.
  • Support young people on placement to develop their employability and work skills
  • Negotiate with local employers to identify appropriate employment opportunities and work experience/taster opportunities
  • Promote the benefits and potential of employment and with teachers in schools and colleges to encourage supported and accredited work experience opportunities


Trainee posts

From time to time trainee posts may be advertised, and it will then be a requirement of the job offer that practitioners undertake one of the qualifications stipulated above.

Job vacancies

All vacancies within YC Hertfordshire are advertised on: