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YCH Services for Young People at Hertfordshire County Council is required to keep in touch with all young people over 16 in Hertfordshire until the end of the academic year in which they have their 18th birthday. We do this to let young people know about the opportunities available to them and the support we can offer.

All young people are required to stay in learning up to their 18th birthday. This could be at college, in an apprenticeship or training, as well as at school.

The September Guarantee

Each year from September through to December, we contact all young people living or educated in Hertfordshire. This is part of the government's promise to help young people stay in learning until their 18th birthday and is known as the 'September Guarantee'. It is a legal requirement that Hertfordshire County Council finds out what young people are doing.

If we have tried to contact you:

You can let us know what you are currently doing by


We try different methods to contact young people, and in some circumstances it may be necessary to call on young people at home.

The information we receive from you is stored securely by Hertfordshire County Council and used confidentially by YCH to keep in touch with you and helps us to shape the services for young people in Hertfordshire. We also report statistical data to the Department for Education.

You can read more about YCH and what we do on our About us page.

To see how we look after the information you give us, look at our data protection information

If you are unsure about any contact you have received, please contact the YCH Keeping in Touch Team:

Tel 01438 844766

Keeping in Touch Team
Post Point SFAR145
Farnham House
Six Hills Way

Prize draws

YCH will decide from time to time to offer a prize draw for young people who complete our online form.

Unless otherwise stated the prize of the monthly draw will be a £20 gift card, no alternative will be given.

Winners of prize draws will be determined by random selection, no correspondence will be entered and the decision of YCH is final.