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Comments we have received about our service

From the Deputy Headteacher of The Reach Free School about careers guidance provided by a YCH Services for Young People Personal Adviser, July 2020

Thanks so much for all your work in this crazy term... I hope you know how much of a difference you have made for our pupils, I probably don't tell you enough how highly I know they regard you and value your advice. The school is so much stronger thanks to your involvement. Look forward to seeing you around next year.

From the Targeted Youth Support Team

Around 20 young people attend this youth work project each week and special sessions were recently run in collaboration with Hertfordshire County Council’s Targeted Youth Support Team. These sessions, for small group of young people who were at risk of offending, focused on the importance of teamwork, respecting the equipment and following guidance on the safe use of the equipment.

“These young people have a love for bikes and motorbikes and a need to be able to have positive influences in their lives, along with being equipped with the knowledge on how to keep themselves, and others safe.

“The chance for them to take control and make changes is paramount to these young people as they are starting to take responsibility on and for themselves.”


From a parent of a young person with learning disabilities

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you personally for your endless help in [my son's] case. I must admit that my family are impressed particularly by you and your office's approach to meeting the needs of youngsters with learning difficulties, showing professionalism and care from day one.

"My family truly appreciated and enjoyed speaking with you throughout this difficult time regarding his transition from the secondary school to the college."

From a parent of a young person with learning disabilities

"I want to thank you so much for the work your staff are doing for our children. My son is 20, autistic with learning difficulties. He is no longer allowed to claim any benefits, although we have appealed against this. He would so love to get a job and does lots of voluntary work, but when it comes to applying for jobs has got nowhere, but YCH Services for Young People Employment Advisor Rita worked wonderfully in applying for jobs and getting him into interviews. Somehow your people open doors which have been closed to our children. Please, please, please keep up this service. It is so valuable to parents like us. We cannot open the doors for our kids no matter how hard we fight. As parents we see the ability there and not just the disability which others see.

"Thank you for opening doors for our children."

National Citizenship Service (NCS)

Read our latest feedback from those who took part in the National Citizenship Service 

Youth councils

Tom is a young person who was involved with St Albans Youth Council for two years. He has recently gained a place to study at Oxford University. He wrote:

"YCH Services for Young People helped the youth council set up meetings with local councillors and teachers, and provided advice in the formulation of influential mental health reports and of questionnaires for teachers and students to help assess mental health services in the area. Once again, activities in this area facilitated by YCH SfYP were of great personal benefit to me, by allowing me to educate myself on the issue of mental health and to interact with people such as local councillors I might never have otherwise had the opportunity to meet, but also of a wider benefit, allowing all the members of the youth council to influence policy making and delivery in the local area for the benefit of all young people.

"St Albans youth council is the only YCH SfYP project I have had substantial involvement in personally, but one that has given me a diverse range of experiences and opportunities for personal development, as well as the chance to contribute to the local community.

"By helping to run the youth council’s meetings, providing advice and support, and by organising events and visitors, you and all the staff at YCH SfYP have been absolutely crucial in running a project which brings huge personal benefits to those involved and a wider social benefit for young people in the area."


Creating Futures Traineeship programme

Jack attended the Creating Futures traineeship programme, where he built up his confidence, achieved a City and Guilds qualification in Employability Skills and worked hard at improving his English and maths. Jack is now completing an 18 month apprenticeship and working towards his Level 2 chef's qualification. Jack's mother said:

"Jack is loving every minute of his apprenticeship. Personally I would like to thank you for giving him a chance when others wouldn’t. Jack has become a totally different child to what he was 18 months ago and is looking forward to completing his apprenticeship and progressing further within the company."

One stop shops and centres

From a Team Leader at A-DASH (Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Service for Hertfordshire), October 2015

"On behalf of all the team here at  A-DASH  we would like to say a big thank you to you and all your staff for all the support you have given us with meeting our young people at your premises... the staff are always helpful, accommodating and flexible and we cannot speak highly enough of how efficient and supportive they are. Clearly they are all very passionate and professional with regards to their desire to help young people and we all feel that this is a great example of partnership working at its best between our two services."

YCH Services for Young People information, advice and guidance services for schools

At an awards ceremony in April 2016, Personal Adviser Amy Jane Humphries was voted Support Worker of the Year for Children’s Services, 2016 by Batchwood School, St Albans:

"We are extremely fortunate to have Amy assigned to Batchwood School. The support and advice she provides to our Year 9, 10 and 11 students is invaluable. Many congratulations Amy, for an award fully deserved."

Anne Spencer, headteacher


From Goffs School, Cheshunt about their YCH Services for Young Poeple Personal Adviser:

"Jill Fisher is brilliant and engages so well with all of our students, she has the ability to pick up on things that others wouldn't she also has the caring nature that some of our students so desperately need when making decisions about their futures.   She is a credit to the team.

"I would also like to comment on (Employment & Skills Co-Ordinator) David Hoskins. I have now worked with David for a few years and he is always accommodating and will always work with me, he is also pleasant, polite and very easy to work with which then makes my job so much easier.

I can honestly say I enjoy working alongside both Jill and David."

Maria Thornton, Student Support - Careers, Goffs School, May 2016


From a young person who received help with applying for jobs:

"I would like to thank you for all the support and advice you have given me re jobs in order to secure a permanent position, I now know that all the experience I have gain these past 18 months has paid off! Also the advice you gave me ‘applying whilst in employment’ is so much easier. Thanks for your advice and help Paul, I have been to 3 interviews the past 6 months, so glad I was successful in this one!"

Ashley, April 2016


Excerpt from Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School Ofsted Report, February 2016:

"Pupils receive high-quality, impartial careers advice and guidance, including individual interviews with YCH Services for Young People... Pupils are introduced to a range of options during Year 11, including but by no means limited to the school’s sixth form. All pupils are aware of apprenticeships as a possible post-16 option. Pupils’ preparation for adult life is unusually coherent and has an unusually high level of progression built in. Youth Connexions Hertfordshire makes a highly positive contribution."

(After a careers event run in school by Youth Connexions): "Thank you for attending our Insight to Industry day on Thursday. The students really enjoyed the day and those that I have spoken to so far enjoyed the presentations that they went to. The students who I spoke to at the last session enjoyed the Apprenticeship talk and found it very Interesting. The day has given them an Insight into various professions and some thought to planning out a career.

I really appreciate you giving up your time to invest in our students and I hope you would like to come back to future events at Leventhorpe."

Gill Blair-Park, Futures Advisor, The Leventhorpe School, March 2016


"I had the opportunity to ask some quite direct questions to a number of the year 10 students at the end of the day and they spoke very highly of the experience. It was really great to see how energised a large percentage of the students were. The day has opened a number of our students eyes to a wider spectrum of job opportunities."

Steve Millar, Careers Coordinator at The Sele School, February 2016, following a careers event run in school by YCH Services for Young People.


"We just want to thank you for you incredible patience and the time you spent with us on Friday afternoon...We will keep on encouraging our daughter as much as we can and she may... see the benefits of the traineeship by March. In the meantime we'll go to the Open Day at North Herts next month and encourage her to follow up part time jobs locally.

"Many thanks again and we'll let you know what she decides to do."

Parents, East Herts, January 2016 (names supplied)


"I just thought I should pass on my thanks again for your contribution to Wednesday’s 'Moving On' evening.  I’ve received very positive feedback from Year 11 students and parents and they really appreciated the balanced way we presented their options at 16+.  Hopefully, we can do it all again next year!"

Assistant Head Teacher, Beaumont School, St Albans, October 2015


"I just wanted you to know how much support I have received from Lesley again this year. In a nutshell she has been an absolute rock... no student is too much trouble for her...(she) always goes out of her way to support me when I ask her to see students at short notice, which is nearly every week! Her advice and guidance is second to none, the students on the whole attend any follow up appointments they have with her as they know the information they are receiving from her is the very best and always up to date."

Teacher at Hitchin Girls' School, July 2015


"I just felt the need this morning to feedback to you and say how absolutely brilliant your Personal Advisers have been at Longdean this year. The students really like them, they are both so professional, they are supportive and enthusiastic about anything I ask them to do and I thoroughly enjoy working with them both. They are a real credit to the service you offer. There, just really wanted you to know how pleased we are."

YCH Services for Young People Coordinator, Dacorum based School, June 2015


"I thank you always for all the help and support that you have given me and continue to do so. I am getting on really well and enjoying every moment of my Apprenticeship. Without you this would not have been possible and now I have a future that I can look forward to. You have been my lifeline and I will always be grateful to you for all your help and support and for giving me the opportunity of fullfilling my dreams!"

Young person (name supplied), May 2015


“I am writing to express my thanks to you for the outstanding contribution you have made to our school over the years, but particularly the part you have played in providing us with excellent support which allowed us to win the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards 2015 The Schools Award for Education and Employment.

…(we) greatly appreciate the work you do but also you are held in high regard by members of the student body and wider staff of the school”.

David J. Kennedy, Headteacher

The John Warner School, May 2015


"I am starting my new job as an ambassador and working with security at the airport this Sunday the 8th. I am absolutely over the moon! It is a 2 year contract and I have every intention in succeeding. Thank you for all your hard work over the years, it never went unnoticed. I will keep you informed, many thanks once again."

Young person (name supplied) March 2015

YCH Services for Young People music studios in Hemel Hempstead:

"Me and my band went to use the recording studio. Although we did not get much done it was a great experience and very fun with high tech equipment and playing itself. The staff were also very nice. No complaints what so ever."

Young person aged under 21, (name supplied)  April 2014

"Massive thank you to ALI BROWN AND THE YCH SfYP TEAM at XC Hemel Hempstead for the bright spark project for young people with additional needs. They put on a show tonight which was brilliant and is the result of all the work they put in with the young people in the weekly sessions .

From a parent, July 2014