Bullying can be really upsetting and can happen to anyone at any age, in school, at home or online. No one has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad, and if you are being bullied you don't have to put up with it, you can talk to someone about it.

Young people tell us:

  • every day I watch some older lads take money from a lad in year 7, that’s just something that happens in secondary school right!?
  • I split up with my boyfriend and now I’m getting horrible messages through facebook from his mates saying that they are going to tell everyone what I did
  • I told my best mate I fancied him, I do; he flipped and now everyone’s calling me a fag, I feel really alone.
  • I am picked on every day at school because I don’t look like the other girls.  There’s not a lot the school can do because it is my word against theirs.
  • I have 3 older brothers and because I am the only female in the house I do all the chores, I can’t get my school work done in time and am now in trouble at school


What can you do:

Call in to one of our YC Hertfordshire Access Points where we can give you information and guidance to help you to deal with your situation; and support you to cope with your feelings and worries.

Join one of our youth projects to get a break from your day to day routine and where you can make friends, build confidence and self-esteem, discuss issues of concern to young people, take part in sports, drama, dance, music, workshops and outdoor activities in a safe environment. Learn about life and others in an informal way.

Speak to a personal adviser at school or college.

If you are a victim of bullying or other abuse, it is important to talk about it. This film helps explain why:



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