Sexual health

Young people are accessing information about sexual health from so many places; this can be confusing and lead to misunderstandings and myths.

Asking questions about sexual health can be really embarrassing too; young people need a place where they can get accurate, up to date information with no strings attached.

Young people tell us:

  • I think I have an STI, how soon until the symptons show and what are they?
  • I don’t need condoms, he doesn’t like them and I am on the pill
  • You can't catch an STI through oral sex, can you?
  • The law on consent is confusing
  • I think I am ready to have sex, all my friends are
  • Sometimes I get drunk and end up having sex without condoms


What can you do:

Call in to one of our YC Hertfordshire Access Points where we can give you information, help you to keep safe and support you.

We provide sexual health information, support and advice. The service is free and confidential and includes:

  • Free condoms through the Condom Wallet Scheme
  • Free chlamydia testing
  • Free pregnancy testing
  • Sexual and general health advice

Join one of our youth projects where you can make friends, build confidence and self-esteem, discuss issues of concern to young people, take part in sports, drama, dance, music, workshops and outdoor activities in a safe environment. Learn about life and others in an informal way.

Speak to a YC Hertfordshire personal adviser at school or college.

Need a chlamydia test?

If you've had unprotected sex there's a chance you could have chlamydia, even if you have no symptoms. You can get a free chlamydia test at all YC Hertfordshire Access Points. Watch this one-minute video which was co-produced by young animators to help bust the myths about chlamydia.

Keep yourself safe

This three-minute film will help show you the right way to use a condom.


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