Professional Development

Keeping up to date with careers and work related learning is important for you to be able to support your students.

YC Hertfordshire organises an annual conference for staff in schools and colleges.  Details of the 2019 conference will be available here soon.

Our annual conferences are the opportunity to hear about national developments and best practice, to network, and to participate in a range of workshops.  Schools and colleges buying our services may be entitled to a place at the conference - others can attend for a fee. 


Partners' section of the YC Hertfordshire website 

Learning providers purchasing YC Hertfordshire packages may be eligible to access our partners’ section which contains information for professionals working locally in the field of careers and work related education.  It will keep you up to date with the latest national and local developments, give suggestions for good practice, useful resources, professional development and training opportunities and links to helpful websites.


Hertfordshire IAG Yammer network

Good practice and ideas about careers and work related curriculum, information, resources, advice and guidance are shared between professionals and partners on our local Herts IAG Network on Yammer.  Those purchasing YC Hertfordshire packages may be eligibile to join.  Email for more information


If you have any queries for the IAG Strategy and Development Team, please e-mail