Guidance interviews and group work

YC Hertfordshire delivers innovative interviews and group work using resources that have been developed with young people and qualified guidance professionals to ensure relevance and engagement.

Our impartial careers guidance interviews with recorded outcomes and actions plans enable students to explore all their options with a professional guidance adviser contributing to their achievements and decision making.

The nature and content of any group work will be designed to respond to needs, to deliver planned outcomes and can be tailored to specific groups.

Examples of group work offered include:

  • Self esteem for young people
  • Health and relationships
  • Identifying choices and opportunities
  • Employability skills
  • Getting the most from web-based software packages

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The Morrisby profile supports careers and educational choices by identifying underlying abilities, personality and career preferences.

Career Agility, a package of group sessions for key stage 5 helping students to identify and develop skills employers are looking for including resilience, self-confidence, and coping with change.

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Careers guidance:                    Career agility:                      Morrisby guidance:

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Primary schools

Rocket into the Future is a new resource for primary schools - watch this video to understand how it works:


98% of young people said their Adviser had a good knowledge about the issues they needed support with. (2013 survey)

“The meeting was very helpful as I got to look at my options and how to achieve my career choices.”

“Extremely helpful, able to give information on my CV that I would never have thought of.”

“I found it very helpful as it gave me the motivation to go out and apply for jobs and sort out my future plans.”

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