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Work Related Learning - Shaping your future workforce

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Linking education with employment in the form of Work Related Learning enables businesses to raise their profile in schools, attract potential future employees, and educate young people in their particular sector. It assists young people in understanding the work of businesses themselves, their entry routes and an understanding of different roles within organisations. This all helps with the transition from school into work making young people more employable as they gain a greater awareness of working life.

At YCH Services for Young People we work with thousands of employers across Hertfordshire to facilitate these partnerships and co-ordinate school activity. If you would like to get involved in any of the following activities, YCH can support you with the process and inform you of local events taking place.


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Employer Mentoring
Our Employer mentoring programme is designed to support students who are about to start their GCSEs, but are at risk of disengaging and underachieving in their studies. Its aim is to give them support and encouragement and inspire them to explore their career opportunities. We are looking to recruit employer mentors with a wide range of backgrounds, ages and interests, who can offer an hour or two fortnightly for a minimum of 6 months. All of our employer mentors receive full training and support.
The programme, launched in early 2017 with funding from The Careers and Enterprise Company. We aim to offer mentoring to at least 250 young people across the Hertfordshire over the next three years. If you feel that you would like to give something back and help young people in your community, mentoring is a brilliant opportunity to inspire and motivate the workforce of the future.

Other YCH services for employers

YCH offers other services for employers including vacancies and apprenticeships.

Please refer to our employer leaflet for further information.

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