Applications and Interviews

Applying, preparation, interview questions, presenting yourself

Identifying your skills

When you are applying for a course it is important to paint a good picture of yourself by highlighting your skills and qualities. Whether you are filling out an application form or preparing for an interview it is useful to think about how you will describe yourself.

Use positive words to describe your skills and qualities, that will create a good first impression on your application form or at an interview…


Making applications

Read the course description and requirements - only apply for a course if you meet the requirement - it may sound great but if they are asking for grades that you don't have, you are unlikely to get an interview. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to call the college or sixth form.

Follow the instructions - if they have asked for an application to be emailed, that's what they want, so email it rather than sending by post. This is the first instruction they have given you so you need to follow it correctly.

Pay attention to detail on everything you write . Check spelling and grammar on your applications and letters. Make a copy of your application and take it along to your interview as a reminder.

Do it yourself! - if you need to call, do it yourself. If someone else does it for you, it looks as though you lack confidence or are not very interested.

Be flexible - look at volunteering or gaining experience to support your application.



 Prepare well:

  • Find out about the course and college or sixth form
  • Think about things you have done which show how suitable you are
  • Make sure you know where the interview is to be held
  • Think about how you would answer typical questions - Why have you applied for this course? What have you got to offer? What were your favourite subjects at school?
  • Think about what questions would you like to ask - How will I study - classroom workshops etc? What opportunities are there for further qualifications? When you can expect a decision?


At the interview

  • Arrive smartly dressed in plenty of time
  • Smile, be positive and enthusiastic and only sit down when asked
  • Take a copy of your application with you
  • Think before answering any questions and aim to give full answers
  • Don't smoke or chew gum
  • If you don't understand a question, ask politely for an explanation
  • If you can't think of any questions, just say, "I think you have covered everything I need to know"