Bespoke Performance

Bespoke Performance in Ware specialise in restoration, servicing and sales of TVR and Noble sports cars.

There are no manuals, no manufactures to call and nothing to refer to when you are repairing the classic cars so the skills need to be passed on by trained technicians.

With only one apprentice at any one time Bespoke Performance does not advertise a vacancy on any website. Hertford Regional College carry out the first stage of selection. Then Bespoke Performance undertake the recruitment process which involves a week’s trial in the workshop in order to truly assess the capability of the young person.

Our key advice: Bespoke Performance looks for young people who are not afraid to ask if they are not sure what they are doing. Apprentices need to gain sound knowledge of cars and confidence in communicating with the owners as they often want to talk to the workshop mechanics.