Cat and Kitten Rescue

We are a Registered Charity who has a support shop in Manor Way in Borehamwood.


The store helps raise cash for pet charities, to help provide a rescue and rehoming service for cats and kittens.

When we are recruiting young people we look for commitment, reliability, social skills, life skills and personality. For recruitment/selections we use CVs, interviews and a trial day.

Positives:  You never know who or what is going to come through the door nor who or what is going to go out of the door!

Negatives: Nothing ever happens at a set time.

Our key advice: Retail is about customer service and friendliness, attention to detail and people’s requirements. Charity shops are hard work so do not be fooled into thinking it’s an easy ride. But it’s never ever dull. No customers = no business so take care of your customers and they will take care of you.