Emily Jayne

My mind set in school was always lacking motivation and the will to learn, so I left. But within a short amount of time out of the school environment I knew that I did want to continue learning and further my education, but be my own motivator, boss and teacher. Apprenticeships offered this, with added extras of a salary, expertise training and respect!

I first heard of the opportunities available from Youth Connexions in my year 11 next step meetings. A year later I had left after the 1st year of 6th form and I was deciding ‘what’s next’, and thought back to that meeting and Youth Connexions. I went on their website to find a fab job finder for your local area, applied for a few jobs and got one!

I attended an initial interview where I met people from Human Resources and the Managing Directors to talk about what the job entailed, and to see if I would be right for the role and if it was right for me. I then had a 2nd interview which took a more hands on approach; I did a few written tests to show my attention to detail, I was taken around the work place and met a few people I was to work alongside showing me a little of their day to day work load. The waiting game then began for THE CALL, which I got a week later offering me the job. SCORE!

Positives: My NVQ was predominantly related to my role meant that the support from colleagues and tutor was brilliant and helped guide me through the course. I enjoy the 9-5 Mon-Fri routine and then the constant challenges I face with different personalities being external customers and my internal work force. The responsibility I have gained which I must uphold continually gives me real satisfaction in my role and of my salary for sure is a bonus!

Negatives: Everything I have experienced over the past 3 years has been positive and I have a bright future ahead of me with thanks to Youth Connexions, Apprenticeships and my company FS Cables for supporting me.

My key advice: In this day and age you cannot afford to be picky and stubborn in your chosen job role. Do the research and keep an open mind as your next career step may lead you down an unexpected path, but for the better!