Kayleigh Coggins

I chose to do an Apprenticeship because they provide valuabl work experience and training whilst allowing me to develop skills in a number of areas.

I heard about opportunities from Sadiqa at the Youth Connexions Centre. The recruitment/selection process involved filling out information such as my details, general questions and assessing my Maths, English and ITC.

Positives: I enjoy being in a fast pace environment, completing work, being set challenges and socialising with work colleagues and customers. Another positive is that I can learn and earn money at the same time and I also gain a NVQ in business administration.

Negatives: I cannot think of any negatives about my Apprenticeship. I can’t fault it, I am really happy with my Apprenticeship!

My key advice: Go for it and stick at it, as a positive will be the outcome. Put time and effort into it whether you’re searching for a job/Apprenticeship/course it will pay off.