National Animal Welfare Trust

NAWT is a rescue and re-homing centre for homeless dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

NAWT is a charity run rescue home, funded predominantly through legacies.

There are no age restrictions on who is put through the training apprenticeship programme, the youngest has been 17, the oldest 62. It’s all about the individual, not their age.

NAWT recruit staff first and then identify those for whom an apprenticeship would support their development.

Top of the list of staff requirements are a positive attitude and enthusiasm. Those who give up their own time to help at the centre, are committed to the nature of the work and show loyalty to the organisation.

Our key advice: NAWT impose no barriers on who they consider suited to work at the centre or go on an apprenticeship programme. People do not work in any animal charity for the money or the hours but because they feel passionate about the work they do and because they want to improve the lives of the animals.