Peak Production Equipment LTD

We are a manufacturer of bespoke test equipment for testing PCB’s and electronic assemblies, principally for the aerospace and defence industries.


When we are recruiting young people we principally focus on individuals who have a demonstrable interest in electronics or mechanical design/engineering, either through subjects taken at school or from the type of hobbies undertaken. Good maths, science and English qualifications are also desirable.

We review CVs submitted and call in those who we feel have most potential for an Apprenticeship role for interview. The interview carries significant weight in our decision.

Positives:  There is tremendous variety in the work that we do and the skills that can be acquired by working for us are more and more sought after.

Negatives: As a trainee, the work can be a little monotonous at first as the basic skills are acquired but this is typical in any Apprenticeship role.

Our key advice: Take an interest in electronics/mechanical engineering whilst still at school and take up hobbies where you can develop your knowledge and understanding. Be keen!