Go Wild at Hudnall

In partnership with Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund

Go Wild at Hudnall

Helping young people connect with wildlife and improve their emotional wellbeing

Go Wild at Hudnall is a YC Hertfordshire project delivered in partnership with Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust which focuses on improving the emotional wellbeing of children and young people as well as the natural habitats for wildlife at Hudnall Park through nature-based activities and practical conservation work.

The project enables young people to engage in a wide range of activities, from mindfulness and art in nature to building bat and bird boxes, as well as offering opportunities to volunteer to create and improve wildlife habitats.

15 pilot sessions and a six-week Forest School programme took place during 2019, helping 96 young people to access nature and learn about wildlife, gaining skills and confidence at the same time. Following the success of the pilot programme, funding for a three-year programme has now been secured.

Who is it for?

All Go Wild sessions are free for young people aged 11-24 who are at risk of, or living with, emotional wellbeing issues or mental ill health. There are also some sessions for primary-aged children vulnerable to wellbeing issues and their families. Groups of young people from any organisation supporting young people, including charities, support services, schools and colleges, can also take part. 

Den building at Hudnall Park

Themed sessions

Wild Wellbeing
A range of mindfulness activities, such as making natural art, wood whittling and creating soundscapes

Wild About
Creating bee towers and hedgehog homes, den building and wildlife bingo

These themed sessions enable young people to explore the natural world using the five senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste in a fun and engaging way. They also learn some useful mindfulness tools that they can use to help them manage their emotions such as anxiety, anger, frustration and sadness.

Forest School sessions

These are child-led, inspiring and hands-on sessions where the children and young people are able to explore and take appropriate risks in the outdoor environment, enabling them to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem in the inspiring natural setting.

Hudnall Park

Habitat improvements and conservation

In addition to offering nature-based activities there are also opportunities to volunteer to create and improve wildlife habitats as part of the conservation plan. Over the three-year project, the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust will lead the delivery of a programme of conservation works which aim to create more diverse and sustainable grassland, pond, woodland and hedgerow habitats as well as an orchard.

Open days

There will be two open days a year for families and communities to come to Hudnall Park and find out more about the project and the landscape.

Want to take part?

If you would like to know more about future programmes or make a booking, please contact the YC Hertfordshire Go Wild Team:


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