'NCS and Me' by Rhiannon

Rhiannon participated in NCS during summer 2015 with the YC Hertfordshire Three Rivers Team and this is her heartfelt story.

“I’d heard from so many other people about their NCS experiences and what an amazing time they had, it really got me interested! So as they say, I said ”Yes to NCS!”

“I didn't really know what I was hoping to gain from NCS but what I did gain was more than anything else.  When I heard of it I didn't have any knowledge of it and I didn't know what to expect. Therefore like I said I didn't know what I was hoping to gain.

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The group shot!

“What I enjoyed most about NCS is so hard to even begin to explain. Every moment was amazing and fun filled. I can’t even explain how much fun I had! What I can say is that one of the most important and the most enjoyable things that happened was meeting new people. Creating those amazing bonds that still exist today. I can honestly say that there wasn't even one thing I didn't enjoy. Every moment was breath-taking! Leaving NCS was the least enjoyable part. It was heart breaking!

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During the team building phase

"Since NCS so much has changed. There are so many things that have made a difference to me since the introductory sessions.  I have become so much more of a confident young person, now putting myself forward for new challenges and helping others. I would have never in a million years been able to even talk to another young person let alone sharing my experiences and even having a normal conversation. I love my new self!!

"My opinions of the YC Hertfordshire staff were and still are exceptionally high. They are and have been so amazing! I can’t explain how helpful and supportive all of the staff are. I've never had such a strong supportive team by my side before. Even at this moment in time after NCS they continue to give everything they can in order to make sure their young people are happy. They are truly great!!

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Rhiannon's team raised a hefty sum for their chosen charities

"The social action project that I took part in was great. Every minute of the last two weeks, even when we were planning it, was so enjoyable. I loved how I and my team all came together as one and delivered such a great project.  My social action project made a lot of people happy which made me happy and I'm thinking about taking part in many more projects to come.

"I loved my Graduation.  It was lovely to meet up with all the ‘NCSers’ that took part in NCS over the summer and spring this year (all run by) YC Hertfordshire. It was nice to all be together to celebrate our success.  I don't personally think I would change anything about the ceremony as I found it heart-warming, for them to have made a presentation of all of our experiences. It was just all together great!

"What I learnt on NCS I am certain I will use in my everyday life. Especially when we learnt first aid and sign language. I feel more confident in using these skills whenever I need to. As I progress in life I can assure you all that the skills I learnt on NCS such as social skills will be used and practised every day. Even when I become a youth worker, I will think back and remember the things I learned to put into practice with my young people when I get there!

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Rhiannon (right) with fellow NCS team members

"Now that my NCS experience is over I am going to get more involved in every opportunity I can. I have recently been selected for the regional youth board which involves me getting new people to sign up to NCS. I've also been recognised for the improvement of my self-esteem and confidence which was recognised by my youth worker through taking part in her youth groups and pushing myself to talk and be social. I am planning to still get involved and really make a difference in not just my life but other young people as well."

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