Herts Young People's Manifesto

Members of Herts1125 have produced the Young People's Manifesto which describes the issues they are facing and want to improve for all young people in Hertfordshire.

Herts Young People's Manifesto 2016

Young people across Hertfordshire voted on the issues that they think are most important to them. The results were collated and published in the Hertfordshire Young People's Manifesto, which was launched on 15 October 2016. Click on the topics/thumbnails below to see the full infographics of what young people said for each priority.


Equality in Herts                                              Mental health & emotional well-being    


Access to health services                      Body confidence and self-image           Bullying


Young carers

Awareness of young carers                             Opportunities for young carers


LGBT+ WhoNotWhat (WnW)

All things trans*                                           School/college life for LGBT+


Children and young people in care

Children and young people in care

The results of the 2016 priority vote were:

1. Bullying (2023 votes) - All forms of bullying (verbal, physical, cyber, etc.) should be treated equally and support available when required for victims of bullying.

2. Mental health and general wellbeing (1672 votes)  - Continue work from 2015 Manifesto to improve services and support available for young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

3. Body confidence and self-image (1518 votes)  - Impact of social media trends, recognising the signs and symptoms of eating disorders and self-harm.

4. Equality in Herts (1313 votes)  - Equal rights should be promoted and discrimination actively tackled.

5. Access to health services (1188 votes)  - All young people should know their rights regarding confidentiality, support and access for both mental health and physical health services.

For details or copies of previous manifestos please contact Jasmin Payne.

Through the publishing of the manifesto, Herts1125 believe that young people in Herts will be better supported to work directly with Hertfordshire County Council and effect change across the county.

If you are interested in getting involved and changing local services for young people please email Jasmin Payne.