YC Hertfordshire Who not What

Who not What is a group of young people who have come together to represent the voice of the young lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning community of Hertfordshire.

Who are we?

We are a group of young LGBTQ people from across Hertfordshire who have joined together to represent the voice of the young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and those questioning their sexuality.

We are looking at services available throughout the county and will be working towards improving these services for young LGBTQ people aged 13-24 who live, work or are educated in the county.

We conduct regular consultations to hear the views and opinions of young LGBTQ people aged 13–24 who live, work or are educated in the county.

It all started with a tweet

From one tweet back in August 2014, a group of young people from across Hertfordshire have come together to look at what services are available in the county, including resources accessible both online and in their localities, how social networking could be used better and how education could be improved to better support and inform young people. 

In our words...

"...Who not What is about us as young LGBTQ people: what WE experience, what WE feel would work better, how WE can improve things for the future. It’s not about what others think; it’s about what WE think."

Who not What...

  • Meet every month
  • Consult with young people through schools, youth groups and community groups on LGBTQ issues
  • Are involved in the co-production of services for LGBTQ young people in Herts
  • Are committed to raising awareness of issues that young LGBTQ face and the services available to support them


Who not What recruiting now!

We are currently recruiting new members who are interested in improving services for young LGBTQ people and raise awareness of the issues that LGBTQ young people face such as mental health and hate crime awareness. We meet once a month and have lots of exciting projects coming up over the next few months. If you are aged 13-24 and want to find out more please email youngprideinherts@hertfordshire.gov.uk or call 01992 588229.


One of the first achievements of the WnW group...

...is this fabulous website to support LGBTQ young people: www.youngprideinherts.org

...and another, together with YC Hertfordshire, was being one of nine finalists in the Youth Volunteering Award category of the prestigious Children & Young People Now Annual Awards.


Want to get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved and changing local services for young LGBTQ contact youngprideinherts@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Follow us @hertsyoungpride

Young people's LGBTQ support groups

YC Hertfordshire runs LGBTQ support groups across the whole of Hertfordshire. They are safe environments where you can meet other young LGBTQ people, get support, learn new things and have fun!