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Bedwell Friday Night Project

The YC Hertfordshire Bedwell Friday Night Project is for young people aged 14-17 from the Bedwell area of Stevenage. Come and join in the fun - and build your confidence at the same time!

Healthy Relationships Project

Want to be more confident and happier in your relationships? Worried about a relationship going wrong or becoming controlling? Want to find out how and where you can get support? This group provides a safe, social space for young people aged 13-16 to get together, share experiences, have fun and take part in discussions about current concerns. The group meets every Monday evening during term time.

Identity LGBTQ Project

Identity is an LGBTQ group run by YC Hertfordshire for young people in the Stevenage area. It's open to anyone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or questioning their sexuality.

Megamix Project for Young People with Learning Disabilities

The YC Hertfordshire Megamix Youth Project is for Young People with Learning Disabilities at the Bowes Lyon Young People's Centre, Stevenage


Oval Project at the Oval Community Centre

YC Hertfordshire's aim is to get young people more involved in their community and offer them the support they need. Join us in the main hall of the Oval Community Centre and have your voice heard!

Stevenage Street Projects

If you live in Stevenage and are aged 13-16, YC Hertfordshire youth workers bring activities, support and advice to you three times a week in various Stevenage locations - come and find us!

Stevenage Transgender Project

This YC Hertfordshire transgender youth group is open to all young people in the Stevenage area who identify as transgender, non-binary, gender fluid and/or questioning their gender.

Stevenage Young Men's Project

The YC Hertfordshire Stevenage Young Men's Project provides a safe, social space for young men aged 12-15 to get together, share experiences and have fun. Come to the Bowes Lyon Young People’s Centre in Stevenage on Thursday evenings.

Stevenage Youth Council

The Stevenage Youth Council is a voice for young people in the Stevenage area. Join us and have your say!

'Supporting You' Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience Project

If you live in the Stevenage area and would like some support with your emotional wellbeing or are struggling with anxiety or low-mood, the YC Hertfordshire 'Supporting You' Project at North Herts College in Stevenage could be for you.

The Empathy Project, Lister Hospital

The YC Hertfordshire Empathy Project is a volunteering opportunity for young people in Hertfordshire. Nobody knows quite how a young person feels when they have to go to hospital in an emergency better than another young person. The Empathy Project enables young people aged 16 to 21 to volunteer as community navigators, administer social prescriptions and give emotional support to other young people attending A&E.

Young People in Care Independent Living Skills Project

This YC Hertfordshire Young People in Care Independent Living Skills Project is for young people in care or care leavers aged 14-17 who live in the Stevenage area. Come to this project to learn important skills that will help you to live more independently and build your confidence.