Frequently asked questions

What certification does the site hold?

Hudnall Park has achieved the learning outside the classroom quality badge (LOtC).  The LOtC Quality Badge is a national benchmark that is accredited to providers who offer good quality educational experiences and manage risk effectively. The award is endorsed by the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel and it is recommended that Local Authority members request that group leaders look for the LOtC Quality Badge when planning educational visits.

What safety measures are in place?

All centre staff have been subjected to enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. Instructors are trained in regards to first aid, safeguarding and group management.  All instructional staff are appropriately trained for the activities they are providing.

Accident and emergency procedures are in line with Hertfordshire County Council policy.

The premises and centre-led activities at Hudnall Park are risk assessed. For a comprehensive list of all risk assessments please contact the centre directly.

Groups are responsible for any risk assessments for self-led activities as well as undertaking risk assessment to cover for any free time during their stay.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone reception at Hudnall Park is poor.  Please ensure that young people, children and parents are aware of this. 

In order to ensure the safety of the group, Hudnall staff carry two-way radios for communication purposes.

Is there a designated first aider?

All instructors are emergency first aid trained. Instructors carry first aid kits. There are first aid kits located in the kitchen, group work room and in the minibus.

What is the ratio of staff to children / young people?

An appropriate instructor will be provided for centre-led sessions.  They will be responsible for the safety of the sessions.  Where ever possible the same instructor is kept with each group throughout their stay. This allows for continuity, allowing the instructor to get to know each individual in their group.

The staff accompanying the group will be responsible for managing the behaviour of the group, as well as getting involved themselves in the programmes.  In order to appropriately manage the sessions, the expectation is that there is a 1:10 ratio of accompanying staff to children/young people. 

Is there any insurance cover?

All programmes are covered by Public Liability Insurance. There is no insurance for personal accident, personal possessions or cancellation cover. This is the responsibility of the group.

What preparations do visitors need to make before attending?

Approximately eight weeks before the visit, the group leader will be contacted by a member of the Hudnall staff team. They will confirm the details of the visit, provide any additional information, as required, and answer any questions.

At this time the group leader will be asked to confirm the following information:

  • The ratio of young people/children to adults. Whether the group have previously been to Hudnall Park before? 
  • If not already agree, the aims and the potential activities to be included in the programme. This will enable staff to design a programme that meets your needs.
  • Ability range of the group. This will help staff to provide the correct level of activities. Please let staff know if any of your children/young people have any particular learning needs, so that everyone can get the most from the visit.
  • Agree arrival and departure times including details of the groups travel arrangements.
  • Details of any work prior to the visit and intended follow up after the visit.

For centre led activities, the centre staff will be responsible for the delivery of the activity. Group leaders are responsible for managing the behaviour of the young people/children.  It is asked that group leaders maintain an active role whilst activities are ongoing and they may be asked to work with a group of children / young people. It is the accompanying staff’s responsibility to their group over meal times and when they are not involved in centre-run activities.

What do group leaders need to bring for day visits?

  • A good ratio of adults to children / young people.  Ideally 1:8, but as a minimum 1:10.
  • An attendance list with contact details for all children, young people and adults in the group. A copy of this list must be handed to the centre staff. 

What equipment do visitors need to bring?

Please take in to consideration the weather and time of year however it is recommended that all visitors bring comfortable clothing and footwear and any spare clothing as necessary. Please see below for a list recommended equipment to bring:

A waterproof coat (always assume it will rain)

Old trousers that can get dirty

Wellington boots or trainers/shoes to wear outside, shoes for travelling

A spare set of clothes if working near water (e.g. pond dipping)

A sun hat and sun cream if appropriate

A pair of gloves

Bedding (e.g. pillow and sleeping bag)




Any medication as required

Please contact Hudnall Park if you require a more comprehensive kit list.

Hudnall Park will provide all technical equipment required for fieldwork and activities as well as kitchen essentials for any groups on a residential visit. 

Can groups bring electrical items?

There are charging facilities for electrical equipment. As visitors will be busy undertaking activities for most of the day Hudnall Park would advise against bringing valuables including mobiles, especially as they can get easily lost or damaged.  Please note that reception for mobile networks is poor.

What if something gets lost?

Any lost items will be retained for one week following your visit; thereafter they will be disposed of.  It helps greatly in reuniting people with their property if it can be marked with both the child’s name and the school’s name. Hudnall Park accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged personal property. Measures are taken to ensure that accommodation areas remain private and exclusive to the group that booked it during their visit. 

What facilities are available to people with disabilities?

Please contact the centre staff to ensure that discuss any additional needs to ensure the smooth running of the visit.

Are there toilet and showering facilities?

Full toilet and shower facilities are available on site, both within the accomodation and for people camping.

Is catering provided?

The centre provides wholesome well balanced meals from its new modern kitchen facilities. Breakfast and evening meals are provided in the new dining room and a packed lunch is provided for groups to enjoy out in their camp sites. The catering staff have experience in providing for hungry and active children/young people including those with special dietary requirements. Groups can self-cater if they wish and have access to a kitchen for their use in their respective accommodation areas.

What does it cost?

Prices vary according to length and type of visit (by premises booking, individual activity session, day visit or residential stay) and by category of group visiting (schools, youth groups, corporate, private hire, etc.)

It is recommended that you contact Hudnall Park to speak to a member of staff directly to discuss your requirements further and they will guide you through the pricing structures.

Is it possible to visit the centre before making a booking?

Prior to your booking it is recommend that you come to the site to see all of the facilities and to discuss any specific requirements your group may have.